Many of my childhood summers were spent in Sonoma County.

Somehow this area has always been a deep source of inspiration for my heart & soul.

As an adult I dreamt for over 40 years, about going to my ancestor’s homeland, Italy. The birth place of the world’s passion for art, music, food & wine, or at least I think so.

 It wasn’t’ until the age of 47, on a long awaited trip to Italy with my family, totally understood why Sonoma always felt like home to me.

Italy reminds me of Napa, Glen Ellen, Santa Rosa, Sonoma… the way the sun hits the mountains, the light of the morning, the deep blue skies, white puffy clouds, misty mornings.


Is it that Italy remind me of Sonoma or that Sonoma County reminded me of my ancestral past life existence in the homeland of my family?


© 2017 by Debbie Arambula