Debbie's Bio

Born in Tucson, Arizona in the early 60's, by the time I was 6 months old, we had moved to San Jose, California.


Growing up in the lush, open fields of Almaden Valley, in Santa Clara County, where cherry blossom trees lined the expressways and small fruit orchards were in your grandma's backyard, nature was a constant source of inspiration, and dance, poetry & singing came naturally to me at an early age. Summers were spent in Santa Rosa with my grandparents & adored cousins. Encouraged by my budding artist grandmother, I decided to give painting a try, but frustrated by my inability to fully express myself, I abadoned painting all together. It wasn't until the age of 35, long after I had married my soulmate & given birth to the greatest pieces of art I have ever created, our three beautiful children, that I uncovered my life’s calling.   Read more below . . .

Since the first time I performed on stage at the age of 2, I recall a feeling of deep calling to do great things in the world, and to use my energy to uplift & inspire people, and to bring more beauty to the world.


For over 19 years, I have survived the competitive & sometimes political world of art. I have kept true to my visions and to my life's calling.  I have worn many hats and worked longer hours than I know most can endure, and often, my pay comes in the form of a smile or a kind word, or an unexpected text saying how the art moves you.


Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to see your face light up while gazing at one of my paintings.  And I could never have come this far, or lasted this long in this field, if it weren't for you, the art collector, or for my amazing hubby/ business partner, our brilliant daughter or my incredible Mom & Dad, who encourage & support me. Along with my dearest goddess sisters, who believe in me, wholeheartedly. I think what makes my company different is that love surrounds it, inside and out.

© 2017 by Debbie Arambula